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Birth Injuries

our Vancouver Birth Injury Lawyers are Experts in their field

A birth injury can have a devastating impact on your family and relationships.  It is especially frustrating as a parent to watch a young life suffer in pain and know that there is nothing you can do to help. Birth injuries do happen and can be caused from the mistakes and errors in the medical healthcare environment.  You put your trust in the hospital's medical doctors and nurses and you expected that they would have provided you with their professional guidance and expertise during your pregnancy and labour. You expected that you would be walking out of the hospital with a healthy baby.  Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Are you looking for answers to your questions from a birth injury lawyer?

Unfortunately injuries at  birth do happen. A knowledgeable and experienced Vancouver birth injury lawyer would be willing to hear your story and let you know the options that you have from that point moving forward. We might be able to help you get the answers or compensation that you deserve. We would like to get you the justice that your child deserves. 

Experienced Vancouver birth injury lawyers have an MD on the team

One of our Vancouver birth injury lawyers is an MD.  Rest assured that he will understand  and help navigate through what you are saying to help you unfold the details of your child's birth accurately. With the expertise of a medical doctor on your hands, he knows how hospital politics go and what the medical staff are thinking

Tell us the story about the injury that happened at your child's birth

Learn more about the more common injuries that happen at birth in the subject headings above.  It is important to know as much as you can about your child's birth injuries so that you can make informed decisions. An expert birth injury lawyer would like to hear about the injury to your child and offer any advice if we can.  Maybe we can help or lead you in the right direction for more answers to your concerns. Contact us to speak to an experienced birth injury lawyer.