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Vacuum and Forceps Deliveries

Vacuum Birth Injuries & forceps birth injuries

In the moments of labour, your only concern is to have your baby delivered safely into your arms. Unforeseen events happen during labour and sometimes with the use of medical instruments, a vacuum birth injury or forceps birth injury can happen.

Vacuum birth injury and forceps birth injuries during delivery can cause brachial plexus injuries, spinal cord injuries, and cerebral bleeds resulting in cerebral palsy (HIE) or death.

Unfortunately vacuum birth injuries and forcep birth injuries do happen

Birth injuries can have a devastating effect on your relationships and home life.  When you went to the hospital to deliver your baby you expected to walk out with a healthy baby.  Sometimes the use of the vacuum and forceps during labour can cause serious health problems for your newborn.

With one in seven births in Canada, a baby needs help to be born. An assisted birth (sometimes called an instrumental or operative vaginal birth) uses instruments (either forceps or vacuum) that are attached to your baby's head so thay can be pulled out.  Assisted birth with forceps or vacuum

Sometimes an assisted birth seems to be the best option at the time. It is only later that you realize the damage that the medical instruments, that you thought were helping, have harmed your child instead. The medical professionals and the hospital try to do their best but sometimes with the use of delivery instruments a vacuum birth injury or forceps birth injury can happen.

Learn more if you believe your child suffered from a celebral palsy birth injury, spinal cord birth injury, or a  brachial plexopathy birth injury.

If you suspect a vacuum birth injury or forcep birth injury, get the answers you deserve

If you have questions about the use of the vacuum and forceps during your labour and suspect that they caused birth injuries to your child, please contact a Vancouver birth injury lawyer now. We are willing to hear your story and want to help you in your time of need.