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Birth Injury Compensation results in Vancouver, BC

Information on this website and other web pages is of a general nature only. The information is not specific to any particular case and may not apply to your case.

Due to confidentiality requirements, the details of the cases listed below cannot be disclosed. Results were obtained by Brad Bradshaw MD JD LC in the United States. See Disclaimer for more information.

$12 Million

Obstetrics, Delivery - Cerebral Palsy

$6 Million

Obstetrics/Gyn - Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

$4 Million

Obstetrics, Perinatal - Cerebral Palsy

$2 Million

Neonatal Injury – Dehydration

$1.09 Million

Obstetrics, Delivery - Cerebral Palsy


Obstetrics - Brachial Plexis, Erbs Palsy


Obstetrics, Delivery - Spinal Injury - Infant Death


Obstetrics, Delivery - Vacuum and Foceps – Death