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Types of Compensation and Settlements

Types of birth injury Compensation & Recovery options

The carelessness of a healthcare provider can result in a future of severe hardships for the family and the child. The loss of the ability to enjoy life can be immeasurable. Unfortunately, the law has placed "caps", or limits, on the recovery for this loss in many cases. It is important to contact a lawyer to determine the details of compensation available in your potential case.

Life-Care Plans

By far the greatest financial cost to families is the future attendant, or custodial care. That is the costs to have a nurse or other helper assist in caring for the child during the course of the child's lifetime. Our team works with life care planners and other specialists to ensure a steady source of income will be available to provide the care and resources needed throughout your child's lifetime.

Some clients prefer the entire compensation plan to be paid in full and placed in an account for their child. Others prefer some of the money paid into a bank account and the remainder paid over the child's lifetime, guaranteed to a minimum of 40 years even if something should happen to their child. All cases are different, various options are available depending on the facts and details of each specific case, and the interest rate varies from day to day and year to year. That being said, here are two older example Annuity Plans.

Sample Annuity Plan - 35 year old male.

Sample Annuity Plan - 7 year old male.